Viking Technology Partners are leading IT infrastructure business specialists who work with you to plan and customize technology solutions that impact your business.

Our team of technology experts and consultants help anticipate every need for designing and maintaining performance-based deployments; from exploring new possibilities for cost reduction and improved productivity, to managing every aspect of configuration and delivery that matter to your success.

We specialize in computer networking, routing and switching, WiFi, cloud computing, total project management, risk assessment and reporting. We also provide large-scale live event technologies for global event operators.

Our services

Network Architecture

Your network needs to support your business applications and workflows so your business can move fast. We assess what's best for your business and make it happen. Whether you need an IPv6 upgrade, MPLS, VPLS, data center designs, or a hardware refresh, we can help.


WiFi that works! At speeds that won't let you down. Indoors, outdoors, festivals, public, private or a mix - we've done it all on a grand scale. We'll also help you make money from your public WiFi network by targeted marketing and data analysis.

Project Management

What's the progress of your IT project? You'll never have to ask again. With daily status reports and weekly reviews you'll have easy access to in-depth insights on what is happening.


We can help migrate your business operations into the cloud. And we can automate your server builds for shortened deployment times and security audits.

Our Clients

  • Hospitality and MDU WiFi 35%

  • ISPs and Data Centers 35%

  • Heathcare 15%

  • Utilities 10%

  • Education 5%

How We Help Our Clients

Hospitality WiFi is the second most important amenity to your guests, so you’d better do it right. We deliver WiFi that works! Our experience delivering WiFi to some of the world’s largest hotels and convention spaces means we have the know-how to help you. We'll also help you make money from your public WiFi network through targeted marketing and data analysis.

Internet Service Providers You’re constantly upgrading your network to deliver the latest advanced services to your customers, and you’ve got to keep up with your day-to-day work too. Sometimes you need an extra hand to help with a project like equipment upgrades or enabling IPv6 across your network. Or, you may need a hand with provisioning new customers. We’ve helped dozens of ISPs with projects just like these.

Health Care Patient data and records, diagnostic images, and your phones all run on your network. We help you have a network that securely supports your applications and workflows, so you can focus on patient care.

Data Centers Your data center contains all your data and critical applications. It must support your IT business needs and it’s complicated. We help upgrade existing data centers or design new data centers from the ground up to ensure your business continues to operate as it should.

Education We help schools K through 12 and colleges with their WiFi and computer networking needs, without breaking their budget. We listen to your needs and design a solution that works for your staff, teachers, and students. We install and can operate the network for you too.

Our Technologies

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