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Build stronger connections with your customers

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We help keep your business safe

Business Connectivity

Save money on your Internet connection

Hospitality WiFi

WiFi that works = happy guests


Security Programs When You Need Them

Managed WiFi

We help keep your business running

We're your partner in building stronger connections and helping you enjoy life! 

We use technology to help you connect with your customers, get more repeat business, and improve your bottom line. We keep you connected and safe online.

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WiFi that works! At speeds that won't let you down. Hotels, schools, warehouses, businesses, and coffee shops - we've done it all! We can also help you make money from your free guest WiFi network with targeted marketing and data analysis from Yelp WiFi.

Business Continuity

Your data is your business - protect it against loss caused by Ransomware, hardware failure, theft, and fire. Our cloud backup and recovery services from Datto have you up and running in just minutes! Less downtime means more money (and sounder sleep) for you!

Security Program

Many small businesses or start-ups reach a point where they need to show that they have a security program in place. We get you setup with a framework, policies, and Ansible playbooks for your servers.

Internet Circuit

Your network needs to be fast to support your business applications. We assess your current spend on your Internet circuit and can usually save you money and get faster speeds!

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