August 31, 2016 / by Alex Singer / In architecture

The Length Clients will Go to for Good WiFi!

As wireless internet becomes more and more necessary to your company flourishing, employees will either keep quietly trying to make due with a antiquated, overcrowded wireless system, at a heavy deficit to their performance, or they’ll let you know it’s time to upgrade. An employee at a Las Vegas hotel did the latter.

For a food service employee with no experience in professional IT, taking orders and running credit cards at the outside pool was becoming impossible. Customers would ask her how to get on and stay on the WiFi, as they would often be dropped if they could connect at all, but there was nothing she could tell them. After a lot of time and complaints to her bosses, she decided to take matters into her own hands and show just how bad it had become. Armed with an app on her personal phone, a box of crayons, and a single sheet of paper, she surveyed the entire outside wireless footprint of the property in order to show management how subpar the system was.

While we can all applaud her efforts (and she really did do a great job with what she had), it shouldn’t have gotten to the point where she had to do this. The customers rarely complained that the advertised WiFi didn’t work, but it certainly negatively affected the quality of their stay and the likelyhood of them returning. The employees who rely on this system to do their jobs wasted effort and paid time because the wireless was substandard. An old, overcrowded wireless system was responsible for the loss of employee time, customer satisfaction, and profit.