February 02, 2018 / by Becki True / In cybersecurity , cyberinsurance , dr , smb

5 Things to Know About Cyber Insurance

1. Your General Liability insurance probably doesn’t cover privacy or cyber threats

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January 02, 2018 / by Becki True / In cybersecurity , dr , smb

The First Step in Protecting Your Business from Data Loss

In our last post, I discussed 6 steps you can take to protect your business data. The first step is understanding your risk. Part of the stress you are feeling about your computer security is about not understanding some of the following:

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December 05, 2017 / by Becki True / In cybersecurity , dr , smb

Do You Know Your Risk

  • Does your business deal with customer financial data?
  • Did you know that the average cost of a security breach per record is $245? That’s $245,000 if you have 1000 records - how many do you have?
  • How does it make you feel knowing that you have customer social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers? - Do you have any idea what that information is worth to a criminal?
  • How confident are you that you are protected?

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May 17, 2017 / by Becki True / In cybersecurity , dr

Ransomware Is No Joke

This past week we saw how criminals took advantage of the unauthorized release of NSA computer hacking tools and created a ransomware called WannaCry. These criminals then infected computers in over 150 countries. They certainly disrupted the day-to-day operations of these businesses, even if they didn’t collect a ransom or destroy files - and plenty of companies paid the ransom.

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