March 27, 2017 / by Becki True / In media , wifi marketing

The Hidden Profit Potential of Your Free WiFi

Coffee shops, salons, bars, restaurants, oil and lube shops, tire shops, and laundromats all depend on customer loyalty, and virtually all provide free WiFi to their customers. Many offer loyalty programs through a mobile app, punch card, or swipe card. But app fatigue means people are installing fewer apps and retention rates are as low as 3.2% 30 days after they’ve been installed. Punch cards don’t give you any real marketing data. Swipe cards give you data if people carry them around and remember to use them.

If you’re like most small and medium businesses, you’re spending somewhere between $501 and $2500 a month for digital marketing, but do you have any idea how effective your marketing efforts are? We at Viking Technology Partners can help you use your WiFi network to reach the people who are already in your business to get these results:

  • 23% visitors stay longer = more food, drinks, more profit
  • 200+ email contacts added per month = lower marketing costs, more profit
  • 16% coupon redemption rate = recapturing “lost” customers, more profit

Let’s say you have 500 customers buy coffee from you and 23% stay long enough to buy another cup of coffee from you. That’s like having 115 more customers per day! That’s a great return on your investment even if only half of them buy another cup of coffee.

Or you noticed that 10% of your customers haven’t been into your shop in the last 3 weeks, so you send them a message saying that you miss them and would like to buy them a drink or appetizer. Subway® saw that 6% of customers redeemed their coupons within 12 hours. That’s far above the typical 1-3% rate. And Subway® also noticed these customers return more than 5 times as often as they did before receiving the coupon!

These are real numbers that can show up as more profit to you every month.

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