Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Coffee Shops

They may love your lattes, but you know your customers also appreciate your free Wi-Fi. So, while your caffeine is charging up their system for the day, take the opportunity to get your message into their brain. Whether thanking them for the current visit or inviting them back for a half-price double-shot, you can solidify your relationship with our help.

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Bars and Restaurants

The time between when your customer places their order and when they have it delivered to their table can work to your advantage. You’ve got their attention and they’re using your free Wi-Fi, so why not use technology to remind them how good and generous you are? As your wait staff heads to the kitchen, make sure they upsell your services by encouraging customers to hop online!

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With an automobile, good timing can lead to increased efficiency. The same is true for marketing. Car owners are busy and recognize the effort it takes to make time for a trip to get their car serviced. So, while they’re parked in your garage you can put the pedal to the metal to encourage them to get all of their needs taken care of in one stop through a personalized messaging campaign.

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You’ve got their undivided attention. And you’ve got your hands in their business. So why not tell them more! By using targeted messaging to customers who are using your free Wi-Fi, you can color their opinion of you in ways that will lead a continuing and enhanced business relationship. It’s the perfect style!

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Marketing Software and Support

Perfect for companies where customer loyalty is important

$ 185

  • Connect with your customers!
  • Grow your contact list
  • New vs Returning Customers
  • Customer Demographics
  • Daily Traffic
  • Dashboard with Analytics
  • Splash Page Setup and Management
  • Monthly subscription per device

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Campaign Management

Perfect for businesses with no Marketing support

$ 125

  • Use our team to help you market
  • Send offers and coupons to your customers
  • Send messages to your customers
  • Run live campaigns
  • Track email opens and click-through rate
  • Track coupon redemption rate
  • Monthly subscription

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WiFi Network Installation

No WiFi - No Worries!

$ 50

  • No Setup Fee
  • Includes all necessary hardware up to 10,000 sqft
  • Spread your hardware costs over 12 months
  • Includes monitoring
  • Monthly subscription per device

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WiFi Management

Let Viking manage your WiFi devices

$ 25

  • Monitor WiFi Status
  • Troubleshoot Problems
  • Replace WiFi device if necessary
  • Monthly Subscription per device

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