March 06, 2017 / by Mike Lagerquist / In wifi , wifi marketing , customer engagement

Would You Like To Understand Your Customers Better?

Take that free WiFi service you’ve invested in for your customers and make it a way to increase your revenue stream by sending targeted messages. You can strengthen your relationship with your customers and increase repeat sales by sending them messages they want to receive.

Let us help you target your audience. You can notify a customer when a band they like is scheduled to play in your coffee shop or bar. Let them know they can get a special price on a coolant flush when they get an oil change. Give your customers a free drink on their 1st and 5th visit when they opt into your loyalty program. Or send them a message if they haven’t been in your shop for the last 21 days, telling them you miss them. Give them a reason to come back by providing messaging that matches their needs.

Let us show you how you can drive more repeat business by better understanding and improving the relationship you’ve established with your customers. Call or email us today. We can help you utilize your investment or provide a robust WiFi network by sharing with you the advantages we’ve learned doing WiFi deployments for many of the world’s largest hotels. The possibilities are within your reach and within your control.